Meeti,Take you to the person in your life

Slide right like, slide left senseless, flip meeti push photos, looking for the closest fate with you. If the person you like also likes you, Congratulations, love at first sight! In Meeti, you can experience different fun of making friends in boring days.

Slide left and right

Meeti will push interesting people around you in real time according to your current location, geographical distance and gender preference. What you need to do is slide! Like to slide to the right, no feeling to slide to the left, can't be simpler.

The moment of witnessing miracles

If the person you like also likes you, great! But don't worry, Meeti only sends a notification when the pairing is successful, not to the person who has been passed. Advertising failure? be deeply moved but still reject? It will never happen here!

My life, my choice

In Meeti, only people who like each other can chat and never worry about receiving harassment messages from strangers. Even if things don't go well, they can be blocked or reported at any time.

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